The capillary array is one of the most important components of an electrophoresis device. Since Thermo Fisher's decision to discontinue the production and sale of arrays for ABI 3100-Avant, ABI 3100, 3130, and 3130xl, many users are facing the question of whether they can continue operating their devices.

It is possible, with our rewired capillary arrays!
Through years of meticulous development work, we have perfected our rewiring process. Our specialized technicians in Germany thoroughly inspect and disassemble used arrays. They examine each component comprehensively and conduct a meticulous cleaning before reassembling them with precision down to the hundredth of a millimeter. All removed capillaries are properly disposed of, while we exclusively use high-quality, highly precise new capillary material.
Of course, each individual array undergoes rigorous final inspection before delivery to ensure the highest reliability and performance.
You can rely on our arrays to exhibit no differences in terms of performance and functionality compared to the original arrays.

Why is it important to send back old and used arrays to us?
We require used arrays to create rewired arrays because we reuse all parts except for the capillaries, which are replaced. As an incentive, we offer rewards in the form of credits or cash payments when you send us old or used arrays. Get Your Coupon or Payout!

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