Why should I stick with my ABI 3100/3130 series instrument instead of switching to the ABI 3500 series?
In terms of results, the ABI 3100/3130 series does not differ significantly from the ABI 3500 series. However, the operating costs of the ABI 3100/3130 instruments are considerably lower compared to the newer devices with RFID controlled reagents. There's no need to replace your reliable instrument, as we provide all the necessary support for its continued operation.

How can I operate the ABI 3130 and ABI 3100 after 2023?
It's entirely possible to operate your instrument even after 2023. Biolabshop 24 offers everything you need.
Please read the following article for more information.

What does "rewired" mean?
"Rewired" refers to the process of refurbishing used arrays by disassembling them, cleaning the individual components, and replacing the capillaries with new ones. This results in arrays that are virtually identical to new ones. Get More Information!

Why is it important to send back old and used arrays to us?
We require used arrays to create rewired arrays because we reuse all parts except for the capillaries, which are replaced. As an incentive, we offer rewards in the form of credits or cash payments when you send us old or used arrays. Get Your Coupon or Payout!

Why should I purchase a rewired array?
Thermo Fisher has discontinued the production and sale of arrays for ABI 3100-Avant, ABI 3100, ABI 3130 and ABI 3130xl instruments. By purchasing a rewired array from us, you can continue using your device with high-quality arrays, maintaining the same level of performance as before.

Are the arrays flushed or otherwise restored?
No, we do not chemically clean or restore the capillaries. Instead, we replace them with brand-new ones. Therefore, you can expect the same level of performance from our rewired arrays as you would from new original products.

What components are reused in a rewired array?
In a rewired array, all original components except for the capillary material are reused. The capillarys are replaced with new, quality material. Get More Information!

How many runs can I expect?
The number of runs largely depends on the polymer and running buffer used and the proper maintenance of the instrument. We recommend using non-expired original Applied Biosystems polymer for optimal performance. Since the capillaries used in rewired arrays are comparable to those in new arrays, you can expect a similar number of runs as before.

What should I do if I require service for my ABI 3100/3130 instrument?
We offer service and spare parts for all ABI 31xx instruments in Europe and Switzerland. With our strong global network, we can provide effective assistance. Please contact us at biolabshop24@advancedbiolabservice.com
for further assistance.

I'm interested in purchasing an ABI PRISM® 3100-Avant, 3100, 3130, 3130xl, or 3730 instrument.
We have these instruments available in refurbished condition and can deliver them promptly. All our instruments are equipped with diode lasers, which have a long lifespan and consume less power, further reducing the gap compared to the ABI 3500 series. Please reach out to us at biolabshop24@advancedbiolabservice.com to discuss your purchase.

How do I use coupon codes?
To use coupon codes, you can specify them during checkout. On the right side of the screen, you'll see the total amount of your order listed. In this list, you'll find a discount code text field where you can enter your coupon. After confirming the code with the "Apply" button, all product prices in the shopping list will be reduced accordingly so that the coupon amount is deducted from the total. 

What should I know about coupon codes?
If you send us a used array, for example, you will receive a coupon code from us. This code is valid for 2 years. You can use such a code on your next purchase to reduce the price of your order. Only one coupon code can be used per order.
More information about sending in used arrays can be found here: https://biolabshop24.com/pages/array-purchase