Array Payout Shipping Details

You have the opportunity to receive a payout for your used Array. Please familiarize yourself with the pertinent regulations outlined in our General Terms and Conditions.

We will include a flat rate of €20 to the payout for your expenses on packaging and shipping.
As a result, your payout will have a total value of 150,-€

We will not cover any additional costs.

be aware, that this offer is exclusively valid for the following used arrays from ABI® or rewired arrays by advanced biolab service:

  • Capillary Array 16 x 36cm     Part Number: 4315931
  • Capillary Array 16 x 50cm     Part Number: 4315930
  • Capillary Array   4 x 36cm     Part Number: 4333464
  • Capillary Array   4 x 50cm     Part Number: 4333466

    The Arrays should be in good, undamaged condition and all accessories that were part of the original product package should be included: 

    • Glass protection for the pump port (glass)
    • Electrode protection cover (transparent plastic)
    • Laser window protection clip (black plastic)
    • Original housing (transparent plastic)
    • White cardboard slipcase
    • the undamaged array itself with pump port, laser window and electrodes.

      For a complete and undamaged Array you will receive the undiscounted payout, but please note that in case of damage or missing parts, we reserve the right to reduce the value of the coupon or the payout accordingly.

       You don't need to worry about cleaning the arrays before sending them to us.


       What do you need to do?

      • Securely package the array and the return card in a sturdy outer packaging.
      •  Send the package with array and return card to:

       advanced biolab service GmbH

      Staeblistr. 10

      81477 Munich


      • Done.
      • We will verify your array, and if everything is in order, we will send the money to the email address provided by you in the return card via PayPal.